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Part-1: How to install Hadoop HDFS on single node cluster

In this guide we will discuss how to install Hadoop HDFS on a single node cluster with Google Cloud Virtual Machine. Follow video tutorial below. To copy various commands, you can come back on this page. Prepare new server Create a new VM in google cloud with Ubuntu as base image. Create an instance with… Read More »

Part-6 : Install Hue

This article will show you how to install Hue on a hadoop cluster. It assumes that you have a working hadoop cluster along with Hive installed and working. If not then follow various articles on this site to install hadoop and hive first.

Set passwordless SSH for linux servers using private/public keys

This post will describe how to set password-less SSH access on a Linux server for a particular user. Login to Linux server with a username and password first. Generate SSH key for this user using below command Above command will generate 2 files in ~/.ssh/ directory. (1)id_rsa and (2) ~/.ssh directory is for current logged… Read More »

Part-8 : Install Oozie

This article will show how you can install Apache Oozie on hadoop 2.8 single node cluster. Oozie is a workflow scheduler system to manage Apache Hadoop jobs. I assume, you have followed previous articles on how to setup hadoop single node cluster or have a Hadoop server already running. Apache Maven should be installed first.… Read More »